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Glo Capital provides advice and representation to funds and investors in connection with their investment activities in Bulgaria. We manage investments with a focus on real estate development or income-producing projects and also companies in a variety of business sectors.

Our successful investment management is based on the global experience of our executive team, combined with the understanding of the business environment in Bulgaria. Glo Capital develops tailor-made strategies that include asset protection and tax optimization structures, to optimize the return for each of our clients. We achieve this by carefully assessing the project at acquisition, mitigating risks, advising on management decisions during the active project development stage, and supporting best exit opportunities.

Glo Capital is an independent company and thus we are able to provide objective advice, impartial valuation, and professional investment management to meet our clients’ investment objectives. We perform short or long-term management as needed.

Glo Capital’s executive team has experience in sourcing distressed assets or businesses in Bulgaria and enhancing their value to achieve extremely attractive investment returns. We also provide efficient crisis management solutions.

Taking advantage of the dynamic business and legal climate in Bulgaria, we constantly structure new investment opportunities with additional benefits to investors.

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