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Glo Capital’s services add value to companies and entrepreneurs looking for new capital or refinancing. Through professional analysis we help our clients choose the most appropriate strategy, we provide all relevant analyses, financial models, and documents to be used in the search of new capital or refinancing. We identify potential investors or financial partners from our network and we assist in the negotiation and deal structuring process. In addition, Glo Capital offers post-transaction advice to help clients achieve maximum returns from their new venture.

Equity and Mezzanine Finance

Via our network of private equity funds, banks, and investors located globally, we source and structure equity-linked, mezzanine, and other forms of financing for companies, projects, and entrepreneurs. In addition, we perform business analysis of the projects and we prepare investment packages that contain all relevant financial models and presentations, complying with international business practices, to ensure utmost success in the search for capital.

Special Purpose Financing

Glo Capital acts as advisor to make available special purpose financing to businesses or projects with large funding needs. This is a no-risk, no-equity option, which we are able to provide in cooperation with partner companies in Western Europe. This type of financing has major focus on the following sectors: real estate, infrastructure, energy (including renewable energy), and commodities.

Bank Financing, Refinancing, and Loan Restructuring

Our experience in the USA, Europe, and Bulgaria with bank financing is an added value to any company. We guide client firms through the whole process of selecting banks, acquiring, and managing a loan.

Bank refinancing or loan restructuring are often vital for the success of a project or a company. That is why Glo Capital also performs on behalf of clients the overall negotiations on loan restructuring or refinancing.

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