M&A, Strategic Alliances, and Real Estate Transactions

We advise on the selection, evaluation, negotiation, and execution of transactions, whether buying or selling a business, project, or investment in Bulgaria. Our goal is to facilitate filling the gap between the buyer and the seller expectations. In addition, we structure strategic alliances and joint partnerships between investors and companies.

Glo Capital has the resources and expertise to help local businesses formulate strategic alternatives, prepare professional teasers, formulate the financial goals of the transaction, and locate interested buyers or partners.

Our experience and knowledge of the market is an added value to investors, interested in Bulgaria’s growth and high return opportunities. Via its wide network of contacts with top management and business owners in Bulgaria, Glo Capital has off-the-market access to a variety of attractive M&A deals. An important role we take is to source, preselect, and recommend the right investment opportunities and the right local partners to our client investors. We pre-evaluate the investment opportunities, perform business due diligence, co-manage the negotiation process and provide transaction and post-transaction support.

Corporate Finance & Financial Modeling

Glo Capital advises on cash flow analysis and projections, recapitalization, budgeting, balance sheet restructuring, working capital management, as well as on improving the company’s overall financial performance.

We provide debt advisory services on acquiring and refinancing debts or loans, as well as financial modeling services for the purpose of securing financing, aiding the accurate control and analysis of your business, or negotiating optimal conditions with partners in a joint venture.

Organization & Strategy

We help businesses by advising on strategic decisions and crisis management, by working with owners and managers on company structure optimization, and by drafting business plans for current projects or new ventures. Business plans can be used not only to improve control and decisions but also to apply for financing with banks, non-banking institutions, financial partners, or European Union structural funds. In addition, Glo Capital provides business development consulting and helps companies build and execute marketing and growth strategies.

Part of our service is the setup of asset protection structures for capital protection and tax optimization purposes. We use legal methods to structure assets in a way that they become unreachable to unexpected future claimants or threats, and we optimize taxes and expenses.   

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